Life is not a problem to be solved …

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mistery to be lived

One snowy day in Boston I had an interesting conversation with a UBER driver about life and happiness. I kept and loved his quote.

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Super successful companies

Super successful companies

One of the best articles about startups written that I’ve read in time. I love all the points he describes being my favourite this one:

*They are tough and calm.  Founders of great companies are always tough and unflappable.  Every startup seems like it’s going to die–sometimes multiple times in a single day–and founders of really successful companies just seem to pull out a gun and shoot the villain without losing their train of thought.

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La Gomera, donde el mar respira


La Gomera es esa pequeña isla Canaria que pocos conocemos. 22.000 habitantes donde se mezclan descendientes aborigenes de los Bereber con curiosos europeos del norte en busca de lugares más cálidos.

Las calas son lugares remotos. El mar respira en La Gomera. Los acantilados tienen nombre de música, los lagartos dicen ser gigantes y se cocina con cilantro potajes de berros.

Los desiertos hermanan con los barrancos. Las cimas guardan secretos de amores efímeros y los hombres se enfrentan continuamente a la dimensión de la naturaleza.

Los vientos castigan por oriente y los pueblos se esconden de la costa. La arena de las playas, viene y va. Las fotografías son incapaces de representar cotas.

Cuando da la espalda a su hermana mayor, El Hierro le presenta hermosas puestas de sol.

Y si tienes la suerte de conocer a sus gentes comprendes vivir con la misma serenidad que respeto.
















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EO Unlimited event

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a regional event in Madrid for our Entrepreneurs Organization. It was a pleasure to gather together with more than 100 entrepreneurs worldwide in a set of conferences and inspiring content around the topic “Go Beyond MBA”.

Our local chapter compiled a great wrap-up of the event in the blog by EO Madrid. Check it out here. 


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Participo en el Seminario de Estrategia de Marketing Online para Bodegas organizado por Verema

Seminario de Estrategia de Marketing Online para Bodegas

Participaré como ponente en el primer Seminario de Estrategia de Marketing Online para Bodegas organizado por Verema.

El día 29 de mayo de 2013 en el Hotel Emperador de Madrid, Verema organiza el Seminario “Estrategia de Marketing Online”

Esta jornada tiene por objetivo presentar los principales temas que afectan a la estrategia en Internet que debe tener en cuenta una empresa, con particular énfasis en el caso de las bodegas. El enfoque será práctico e interactivo: los ponentes analizarán la presencia digital de algunas de lasverema empresas asistentes que así lo deseen y responderán a las principales dudas que se planteen.

Temas a tratar en el seminario

    • Branding: Reputación de marca a través de Internet
    • Cambios en el comportamiento de los consumidores y prescriptores.
    • Inbound Marketing versus Outbound Marketing.
    • Los desafíos de una buena Web corporativa.
    • Marketing de contenidos.
    • Posicionamiento en buscadores (SEO).
    • Marketing en buscadores (SEM).
    • Social Media Marketing.
    • Conversión Web.
    • Estudio de casos a partir de preguntas de los asistentes.
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Entrepreneurs riding the emotional rollercoaster

2680167270_4c59c268e9_oToday I had a lunch with two colleagues. They are internet entrepreneurs like I am. Smart people doing what they like. They were successful as executives but feel they need to create something on their own even they had to suffer as hell.

We made a personal update today. Result? We we all ok, feeling good, businesses going on, growing, in the pace. We did not drink champagne, It is not that case (yet).

Last day we met, 6 months ago or so, none of us were that good. Cash issues, funding trouble, product uncertainty, etc.  Funny thing is, we all feel maybe tomorrow we are not going to feel so good. Why? The emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. If you want to start a business for a first time, you cannot imagine how resilient you might be to overcome this ups and downs we all have.

If you are an entrepreneur, do not feel lonely, we feel your pain today and your happiness tomorrow. But having the chance to sit with people feeling what you feel is priceless. My heroes!

PS: After writing this post, I realize, this is one of the reasons why I belong to EO – Entrepreneurs Organization. 

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Ice Driving in 911 rally cars

“Ask me what I’d do with my last gallon of fuel and this is it- go skid around on a frozen lake for a day. The best fun you can have in a car”, this is what Chris Harris says and what I would also answer, it looks so much fun. I want to go there!!!

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Tweet de Wences Garcia (@wencesg)

Wences Garcia (@wencesg)
"silence is the language of god, all else is poor translation.”
–― Rumi 
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Caterham Racing Fever – Pure Adrenalin !!

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Stripped-down 911


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